Where can I buy lactation cookies?

Lot’s of women make their own lactation cookies, but if you are overwhelmed with motherhood, or just not into baking, you’ll be asking yourself “Where can I buy lactation cookies?” and for most of us, buying them online is easiest! That’s what I did! Well you can buy lactation cookies in Australia here.buy lactation cookies online

Here’s how I found the Totally Devoted Feeding Cookies, and why they made my first few week as a second time Mum with 2 under 2 easier!

Both of my pregnancies ended with a beautiful new baby, and a serious lack of milk (probably due to being type 1 diabetic). It took close to 3 weeks for my milk to “come in” with bean! It was a little stressful which isn’t a good state to be in when trying to increase your milk supply! You need to be calm, relaxed, think “it’s all good” and chill out while you feed and enjoy those newborn moments. This can be really hard to do when you’re anxious about your lack of milk (and an obvious lack of milk after a good couple of weeks and regular feeds!).

I was doing everything recommended, had seen a lactation consultant, but it was just going to take time. I had made my own sugar free lactation cookies when I had bean – I had more time and energy! But this time…

Chloe arrived 4 weeks earlier than she was meant to, leaving me off guard and not really ready. I had a longer stay in hospital than planned, and a not yet 2 year old at home. I would have loved to have made my own breastfeeding cookies like I did with Bean, but at the time, it just wasn’t do-able. I was emotional with the baby blues, struggling away from home, and missing bean! But when I got home, it was possibly even harder, there’s just not a lot of time with a new baby feeding hourly and a toddler who wasn’t impressed with the new arrival.

With my lovely connections in the baby world, I had known about the Totally Devoted Feeding cookies and had heard great reviews, so I had some sent to me at home so they’d be there when I got out of hospital. Was it a co-incidence? I’m not sure, but I don’t think so. Within a day of eating my first few breastfeeding cookies, my breasts FINALLY had that “full” feeling we all crave to feel! Amazing! Within a few days, I was breastfeeding like a pro, and it was so much more enjoyable then my first few weeks with bean.

I always thought you had to make your own

I really did, when I was breastfeeding Bean I didn’t know you could buy breastfeeding cookies. If your time-short, like many of us are, especially with more than one, who wouldnt want to make life a tiny bit easier buy just ordering them online?

These lactation cookies saved me time, stress and a lot of anxiety that I just simply couldn’t have dealt with. I’ll admit, those first few weeks (and months!) were and have been a huge struggle for me, and trying to make life easier by buying premade cookies eased this (as well as lots of meals dropped in by my family!). You know that I am a bit of a nut when it comes to healthy and eco living and making things from scratch, but you know what? Sometimes your sanity is more important than making everything at home in your kitchen.

Are they yummy?

I certainly think so! Iactually really struggled to only eat one a day! The first one was an odd-ish taste, but after the first, they were delicious! I don’t usually eat alot of sugar, so the sweetness of them was pretty intense for me, but maybe that’s why I found them difficult to stop eating!

Here’s a great review of them from babymusthaves.net and how they helped increase her milk supply.

Being a Type 1 diabetic and breastfeeding successfully!

I was pretty suprised my milk supply was still low this time though, bean had self weaned when I was about 3 months pregnant, so it had only been about 5 months since I had last breastfed! It was very strange, but apparently a very common occurance in Type 1 diabetics. I had lots of people, including Doctors and nurses tell me to not get upset if I cant breastfeed, as most diabetic Mums don’t (or only do for a few weeks!). Thankfully my Mum has always been a very pro-breastfeeding Mum, after being involved in Nursing Mothers for many many years, she helped me through the tough times, and I knew I wanted to feed bean (and will Chloe) for as long as possible. I am quite dissapointed at the lack of positivity and help that came from the “health experts”, I’m sure many Mums give-up because they don’t have the support. Well, diabetic Mama’s – rejoice – it IS totally possible!

Now you know where to buy lactation cookies, give them a try and let me know how they helped you!

You can buy the Totally Devoted feeding cookies from bean and me, right here!