Why should I shop with bean and me and buy organic baby clothes online?

Because! bean and me is a Brisbane based family owned business. I am a Mum myself and know how hard it can be to find and buy organic baby clothes online – good quality, organic and funky baby and toddler clothes for my little man! After becoming a Mum, and after Jenson having some reactions to some conventional cotton and suffering from eczema, investing in organic cotton baby clothing, and Eco-Friendly products became very important to me.

I’m also very passionate about supporting local and Australian Owned businesses. I want to ensure that Australia remains the wonderful place it is in the future for Jenson to grow up in, so shopping Eco-Friendly and using Australian Owned brands, I know that I’m keeping jobs and local businesses in Aus afloat! We all need to do our little bit, and every little bit counts.

So by shopping with bean and me, you can rest easy knowing that you are playing your part too, and helping our little family grow.

Whats the deal with postage?

We have a flat rate postage charge of $8.95 (AUS) and $12.95 (NZ) for all orders under $100.

Please be aware that any customs duties will need to be paid by you. If you are unsure, please contact the NZ customs department, or use the Whats My Duty calculator before placing your order. Generally, orders under about $350 should be ok, but please check first.

Free shipping is available for all Australian orders over $100.

On selected items we offer free postage. This will be indicated in the listing. If you add an item that isn’t a free shipping product, and your order is under $70 or you are a New Zealand shopper, your order will be totalled with the flat postage rate.

Items in stock will be posted the next working day after payment has cleared. If an item is not in stock we will let you know as soon as possible and the item will be placed on backorder.

We use Australia Post to send our orders, delivery is usually 3-4 days.

Australia Post can sometimes have delays and could take anywhere between 2-14 days, depending on where you are located.

Do you have a refund policy?

Why yes, we do!

bean and me strive to provide you with products that are of a high quality but if for some reason you are unhappy due to the size, colour, or the product just isn’t what you expected then please contact us and we will replace the item, provide you with an alternative or refund the item value in full.

If an item is faulty we will happily organise to replace the item or in some circumstances refund the item’s value. Any refunds given will be for the item’s total value and will not include the initial postal charges. Items for refund or exchange will only be accepted if the garment is unworn and unwashed with tags and packaging intact.

Items for refund or exchange will only be accepted if the garment is unworn and unwashed with tags and packaging intact.

To organize an exchange or refund you must contact us within 14 days of receipt of your parcel. You can contact us by email at sales@beanandme.com.au. Once you have notified us place the item in the mail and include a self-addressed envelope and we will return the item to you as soon as we receive the original.

Do you offer a lay-by service?

So lovely of you to ask! We do indeed!

You can Lay-by anything you like, all you need to do is pay a 20% non-refundable deposit, and the order needs to paid in full within 6 weeks from the date of purchase.

All you need to do is place your order, select Lay-by as your payment method, and pay 20% of the total order via direct deposit, I’ll be in touch afterwards to confirm you final due date and details. Sound good?

Why choose organic?

A growing number of parents are buying organic baby clothes. There are a few reasons for this.. although the number one reason is that organic baby clothes protects your baby’s skin from harmful chemicals.

Why choose organic baby clothes…

  • What we put onto our skin is absorbed into our body
  • Babies skin is thinner, sensitive and readily absorb toxins
  • Conventional cotton growing uses harmful pesticides that are absorbed by the skin
  • Conventional cotton production uses chemical substances to wash, bleach, prepare, dye, print and finish the textiles
  • Chemicals in conventional cotton can cause allergies, rashes, asthmatic problems, eczema

Organic cotton:

  • Is made free from chemicals and toxins
  • Is safe for sensitive skin
  • Is natural, soft, and is as durable as conventional cotton

What is organic cotton?

Good question!

The simple answer – Organic cotton is soft and beautiful, it’s made free from chemicals and allows our skin to breath.

Organic cotton is farmed naturally, avoiding harmful pesticides and other chemicals. This process is safer and cleaner for the environment. Being organic means organic agriculture is not exposing our people, soil, air and water to these harsh chemicals.

More and more people are looking for healthy lifestyle options and are concerned about the health of the planet. Many people say they can taste the difference between organic and conventional foods, and we think the same goes for clothes – you can feel the difference with natural fabrics. People are recognizing the difference between organic and conventional cotton, so instead of going with the cheapest option, they are now consciously choosing organic cotton clothing.

Often cotton is regarded as a natural fabric. However, there are many ethical and environmental issues in the way it is grown.