Me and my bean, and our organic baby clothing adventure!

After becoming a Mama, to my gorgeous little boy Jenson, fondly known as bean (forever in my heart I’ll remember that first ultrasound of the bouncing little jelly bean!), he inspired me to create a beautiful space where other crunchy, eco-loving Mama’s can buy gorgeous organic baby clothing and baby bibs for the special little beans in their lives.

We now have two beans (but we won’t be changing our name to beans and me!). Darling Chloe joined our little family in August last year and we are just smitten with her (despite the constant throwing up!!)

You can be assured that as a Mum myself, I source the best organic, Australian designed, Australian owned and made, modern and funky baby clothes and accessories I can! If it’s not made here on Aussie soil, don’t you worry, I’ve done the research to make sure everything is made in ethical factories, no sweat shops or child labour!

I have uncovered some of the most amazing brands in baby clothing since becoming a Mum and embarking on this wonderful adventure. Knowing that its either organic or natural cotton and from Australian owned small businesses, you can be assured you’re doing something good for your babies, yourself and the environment. There is something wonderful about knowing you are dressing your baby in goodness.

Why did we convert to organic cotton baby clothes?

Why did we convert? There’s a few reasons, the main was that Jenson had, and still does have, very sensitive skin as a little tiny newborn (ok, maybe not “tiny”, he was 9pd 14oz! ~ That’s just under 5kg!). I knew before I had him I wanted everything in our home to be as natural and eco-friendly as possible, like many new age mums do, but I hadn’t really thought about organic baby clothes. When he started reacting to clothing and nappies and I knew I had to do something. We were already using mostly organic and natural products on him and in our home, so we slowly started converting to organic clothing for my baby – the difference was actually amazing!

I felt comforted that there were no nasty chemicals irritating his skin, and the redness and rashes on his teeny tiny delicate skin went away, it made me feel good! Chloe was over a month premature, so was a lot smaller than I had ever expected! I didn’t have the super tiny sizes I needed for her in organic cotton, and guess what, even though we were using second hand clothes from my sisters twin girls (that have been washed and washed, so residue chemicals in the clothing shouldn’t have been quite so high!) she too had a few little rashes around her neck and under her arms. I know buying organic cotton baby clothes can be expensive, but be assured, that the quality of all the clothing here is fantastic, it wears well and lasts, well beyond the cheaper cotton’s you ‘d be buying from mass produced department stores! (Plus, you get to shop from the comfort of your own home and experience the service and support I pride my little business on).

I’ve had loads of feedback from other Mums battling skin irritations and eczema who have seen huge improvements to their babies skin from switching, or wearing and dressing their babies and toddlers in organic clothes from bean and me. It’s heartwarming to be a small part in making a difference to these families.

I do have a few brands that aren’t organic cotton, most of them are made from 100% natural cottons that avoid the use of chemicals, but aren’t certified organic, so it’s still super soft and generally very similar to organic cotton through it’s farming and processing, but doesn’t meet the strict criteria set by global organic certification. I understand that not everyone is just quite as passionate about organic cotton as me, and I totally respect that, so for those of you just after funky baby clothes and funky kids clothes, that doesn’t need to be certified organic cotton I’ve got you covered too. I will add though that I dress and use and have tested everything sold in my store on my family and kids, and would never stock something I wouldn’t use ourselves.

I hope that you enjoy shopping in our online baby shop, I’m always here to help, sometimes I’ll be busy with the two little beans- but I’m never far away! I’m very passionate about always providing wonderful service, supporting local business and helping the environment wherever we can.

Rochelle xx

This is our little fam bam, we live in Brisbane, Australia and welcome you to our family with open arms and hope we can make a difference in your journey to an organic and eco life…